Thank you for testing out Rancher v1.6 on our platform.

With the release of Rancher 2.0 we are going to be shutting down on Wednesday November 7th, 2018. Your applications will continue to run on your instances, but you will no longer be able to use the Rancher UI or APIs at to make any changes or deployments. If you used Rancher to provision your servers, please download any SSH keys to the servers to ensure continued direct access to the hosts. Rancher will be deleting ALL data, and will NOT be able to provide any information to you after the shutdown date.

If you need help transitioning your applications from Rancher 1.x to Rancher 2.x, we have created several resources that might help you.

Check out the recording of our walkthrough of a migration path. All tutorials and documentation for migrations to Rancher 2.x are here.

✌ Thanks, The Rancher Team